Some information about me.

My real name is Miklós Horváth. (

I was born in the year of revolution (you should refer to it as negative connotation when talking about revolution, until the end of the 80s, when it could be mentioned as regrettable events).

I grew up in the largest "far-eastern" city of the country, and - except for my university years - I've still been living here (a little bit more preciously: nearby). Mihály Váci (Hungarian poet) called this city blond, but he probably didn't mean women with limited IQ.

My childhood could seem dreadfully boring for a child at present (without TV, without video, without computer, without mobile...), but I felt fine.
I wanted to become a chemist even in my childhood (I made that commitment, when being poured over hydrogen-peroxide, instead of paraffin oil by accident. According to my parents I cried that "I'll be a chemist" - but the crying with pain seems to be more likely).

I made certain experiments during my primary school years, especially in the field of explosives and rockets. (I would be locked up probably today due to illegal terrorism.)

In Krúdy grammar school we shot the door together with the chemistry teacher in chemistry lounge with collodion-cotton gun.
(It is a whopping lie that there are stupid reforms in education recently only, many stupid reforms took place that time, too. E.g. that was the only year - 1974 - taking graduation without marks.)

Finally, I graduated from Veszprém University as an organiser-chemist, but some chemical knowledge stuck on me.
Chemistry didn't play a significant role in my job, but it wasn't free from it totally. (The predominance of chemistry in my "encyclopaedia" in preparation is probably caused by the break through of my l antecedents in chemistry.)

I'm not a "job-hopper".
I worked for ten years in the local plant of Dunapack (when I took a job here it belonged to the National Paper Industrial Company).
For five years I've been working as "free lance" translator.
The only company where I spent a very short time (a few months) the Nyírbogdány plant of national oil industry. It was closed not much time after I had left, but there is not any correlation between this event and my present or leaving at all.
I worked for a little bit more then ten years at a software development company.
At present I deal with English technical translation and home page making as "free lance" again, at present as a pensioner.

I had some hobbies during my (more then half century) lifetime. Some of them will stick by me.

I've never played any instruments (and I think it has been a benefit for the mankind), but I always liked music and I always had a meaningful music collection, on the current media.
(Started with a tape recorder - mono collection, then I changed to stereo tape recorder, during that time I started to collect "bakelite discs" also. Later, I saved up one part of music from tapes to compact cassettes, and one part of bakelite remained. I started to collect the smaller, shiny discs respectively. Now I listen to these mainly, and the "compressed" music - MP3, from the same kind of disks.) The music itself hasn't changed; my collection includes rock, jazz-rock, and classical music even now.

My other old hobby, included also in my homepage, photography.
I started it even in primary school with a camera type "FED-2" ("made by from soviet plant").
Sometime in the beginning of 80s I bought a "Chinon CM-3" mirror-reflex camera. "This was very similar to a camera already."
A little bit later I've "converted it" to a "Chinon CM-4", to be able buying a "zoom" for it, since it wasn't available with thread. I could buy a "35-150 Oczek macro-zoom". This was the Canaan itself and took a long time, until my "electronic" period, started in the last year with a Fuji FinePix S7000, then I tried a Fuji FinePix S1600 for a short time, but changed it soon to a Fuji FinePix HS10.
After five years I have decided to buy a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V. This is also a compact camera only, but it makes 20 megapixel pictures and provides a fantastic large zoom range. I have a Nikon D90 also but only with one lens.
Everybody can decide whether it was worth to take such a long time with taking photographs, after watching my photos. (It is a result already if able to watch them.)

I was interested in non professional film making also "a little bit", although I created only one product in this media on a boat ride in 1984 on river Tisza, but I won a price with it (of course not Oscar, only a small price in a "nameless non professional film festival").
In this area I mainly utilized my considerable music collection and my recording room experience obtained at the university, for dubbing the films of my colleague.

Once I tried building railway model also. I've built a "city" for my son (see it at the photos), in TT size, with a few money and with a lot of work.

At the begining of year 2000 I started to create a kind of natural sciences encyclopaedia. At present I spent the biggest part of my free time for this. (There is Hungarian version only). There are some details of it in "Encyclopaedia".

I was a "townsman" in the biggest part of my life. At 1989 we moved to the "country". (It seemed a good idea momentarily.) This is a quite "schizoid" situation even now, joining all of the disadvantages of city life and country life without their advantages, but otherwise it is good to live in this quite place.